• Separating debris and large stones from soil.

Features and Benefits

Our Skeleton Buckets are a versatile and portable method of separating materials. Designed to be tough and increase productivity. Solid steel round tubular tines provide better sifting and material handling, making for a more efficient sorting process.

The Rounded top tube greatly enhances strength. Reinforced corners between the side cutter and top tube, as well as between the top tube and the ears are there to give additional support to maintain the shape of the bucket extending the life span of the bucket.

The Vibration Motor rattles the bucket, shaking and loosening dirt so that it can easily pass through the tines. The sifting process becomes faster, easier and more efficient.

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The maximum pressure for the Vibration Motor is 31 MPA or 4,496 PSI. Adjusting over this level of pressure is not recommended. Normal pressure is about 20-25 MPA or 2,900 - 3,265 PSI. However it depends on the machine as well. The best way to find out is to start at 15 MPA and increase the pressure until the power needed.

Tip: The lifespan of the vibration motor will be longer with lower pressure.



Available with Teeth or Cutting Edge

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