The maximum pressure for the concrete crusher is 31 MPA or 4,496 PSI. Adjusting over this level of pressure is not recommended. Normal pressure is about 20-25 MPA or 2,900 - 3,265 PSI. However it depends on the machine as well. The best way to find out is to start at 15 MPA and increase the pressure until the power needed.

Tip: The lifespan of the hydraulic cylinder will be longer with lower pressure.

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The replaceable teeth greatly increase the life span of the concrete crusher. Easily replace them after they are worn down with 1U-3302 size bucket teeth.

Features and Benefits

Our Heavy Duty Rotating Concrete Crusher with Replaceable Teeth has high pressure hydraulics to easily crush large rocks and concrete chunks into smaller fragments. The cutting blade is used to cut rebar inside the concrete, so that the crusher can process 2 different materials in 1 application. 
​The 360 degree rotation feature makes it a great tool to have on the job site. It allows the operator to easily reach and crush at different angles, increasing productivity and efficiency.
Note: The rotator disk must be greased every 50 hours of operation.



  • Crushing of rock and concrete
  • Crushing of industrial materials