Available with Stiff-Arm or

​Hydraulic Cylinder


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Concrete Pulverizer Specifications

Features and Benefits

Our Concrete Crusher crushes rock and concrete easily. Just pick up a slab from the floor and start pressing. Extra welding on the teeth with a weld hardness of 52-56 HRC ensures strength and with the jaw opening at a wide angle of up to 150 degrees for flexibility.

​It is simple to install and can be used in railway construction, highway construction, general construction sites, and disaster areas struck by earthquakes or housing collapses.​

The Concrete Pulverizer with Hydraulic Cylinder would not require extra hydraulic lines to operate. Simply add a T-Valve to the Excavator Bucket Cylinder Hydraulic Line, and reroute the flow into the Concrete Pulverizer.

The maximum pressure for the Concrete Pulverizer with Hydraulic Cylinder is 31 MPA or 4,496 PSI. Adjusting over this level of pressure is not recommended. Normal pressure is about 20-25 MPA or 2,900 - 3,265 PSI. However it depends on the machine as well. The best way to find out is to start at 15 MPA and increase the pressure until the power needed.

Tip: The lifespan of the hydraulic cylinder will be longer with lower pressure.

  • Crushing of rock and concrete
  • Ideal for handling refuse

Metric Tons
Model Width
20 Stiff-Arm 33 57 73 1,065 838 1,448 1,854 2,348
Cylinder 33 57 80 1,152 838 1,448 2,032 2,540
25 Stiff-Arm 33 57 70 1,069 838 1,448 1,778 2,357
Cylinder 33 57 80 1,172 838 1,448 2,032 2,584
30 Stiff-Arm 25 60 69 1,235 635 1,524 1,753 2,723
Cylinder 25 60 85 1,311 635 1,524 2,159 2,890