Features and Benefits

Our shear is designed to cut through metal refuse and rebar into more manageable sizes for transport and sorting. They come with a 360 degree rotation feature that will allow the shear to reach and cut in many different angles, making it ideal for scrap yards and demolition sites. 

The shear has adjustable pivot bearings that allow the upper jaw to be moved for correcting deflections and alignments, as well as maintain gaps for the shear. Different mounting brackets are also available to suit your excavator.

SH4100 Specifications


  • Cutting metal and rebar

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Improved Upper Jaw Reinforcement design for less flex during the shearing process.


(Newest Model)

New design improves blade tip piercing and shearing capacity compared to older models.

New Alignment Retainer ​maintains proper jaw alignment during the shearing process.

With new locking mechanism to keep the retainer in place.