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Side Mounted Version

Replaceable Teeth



The maximum operating pressure for the Mulcher is 31 MPA or 4,496 PSI. Adjusting over this level of pressure is not recommended. Normal pressure is about 20-25 MPA or 2,900 - 3,265 PSI. However it depends on the machine as well. The best way to find out is to start at 15 MPA and increase the pressure until the power needed.

Features and Benefits

The Mulcher easily mows down overgrowth and shrubbery, clearing areas that have become difficult to access and prepares job sites for further use. It can also be used to maintain roadsides, highways, riverbanks, power lines and communications lines.

The Rotator Disk allows the Mulcher to easily reach, access and cut in different angles and positions. The support roller also contours to the ground so that the primary rotor does not snag on the ground and the operator can cut and mulch easily.

Land Clearing and Vegetation Management comes with the challenge of different terrains and maintenance requirements, so the Mulcher comes in a Top Mounted Version and a Side Mounted Version, so that operators can decide what they need based on the terrain that they are working on and the difficulty of the job.

The Mulcher can also be used to trim the branches of trees and do landscaping work in maintaining properties.

​Also available in non-rotating version. 
  • Mulching
  • Landscaping
  • Land Clearing
  • Right of Way Clearing
  • ​Tree Trimming