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Fixed Tooth Cutter Blades

The recommended operating pressure for the Tree Grinder is 20 MPA or 2,900 PSI. However it depends on the machine as well. The best way to find out is to start at 15 MPA or 2,175 PSI and increase the pressure until the power needed. Keep in mind that adjusting over 20 MPA of pressure is not recommended.

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Features and Benefits

The Tree Grinder effectively removes whole trees up to 10" in diameter. The fixed tooth cutter and the hydraulic motor produces very fine residue from grinding down the trees. The fixed tooth cutter has blades made of Carbide that have "60 HRC" hardness, which makes them even more effective over the life of the blades.

It is a great tool for land clearing and prepares job sites for further use, because it quickly and efficiently removes trees and the residue left behind is easy to clean up.

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Tree Grinder Residue